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Workforce Development 



Pend Oreille County, WA

San Jose







Temecula (wine)



Recommended Policies

  1. Form a Workforce Partnership collaborative between county employers, local governments, K-12 educational entities, and regional higher education institutions to carry out cooperative programs that meet the training, education, and information needs of local and regional businesses, industries, and the local and regional labor market. 

  2. Collaborate with educational institutions (Shasta College - Trinity Campus), the Trinity County Chambers of Commerce, and workforce training agencies and local job board the SMART Business Resource Center on programs that educate and train youth and those reentering the labor force skills they need to obtain employment

  3. Partner with educational, civic, labor, and business institutions to provide job training programs that meet the needs of business and industry, including programs that enable the unemployed, under-employed, or economically or socially disadvantaged to enter or move up in the labor force. Connect local businesses with such programs, organizations, or educational institutions

  4. Encourage business and property development that will provide jobs and generate revenue to support city services and infrastructure

  5. Explore funding options available from the USDA Rural Community Development Initiative, which provides technical assistance and training funds to qualified intermediary organizations to develop their capacity to undertake housing, community facilities, and community and economic development projects in rural areas.

  6. Collaborate with state higher education providers to expand workforce training availability and build awareness of workforce training and placement resources.

  7. Continue the valuable work that has already occurred in developing training consortiums

    1. Plan hiring events for high school seniors at each of the county’s high schools.

    2. Explore a hiring event in coordination with the SMART Business Resource Center and Shasta College - Trinity Campus. 

    3. Explore plans to create a distance-learning center in coordination with SMART Business Resource Center for viticulture, enology, and/or basic agriculture processes.

    4. Survey local businesses annually about their workforce needs

  8. Provide outreach to colleges and universities in the North State (Shasta College, Humboldt State, College of the Redwoods, Butte College, Chico State University etc.) promoting jobs in Trinity County that align with each school’s program.

  9. Recruit and cultivate people with education, experience, and interest in helping the community remain competitive

  10. Recognize and plan for emerging market forces, such as, population shift from urban centers to rural communities due to Climate Change, COVID, workplace culture shifts to remote workers, workers in search of cheaper housing etc.)

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