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San Jose 






2040 General Plan 


Innovation/Regional Employment Center

  • “Emphasize economic development within the City to support San José’s growth as center of innovation and regional employment. Growing San José’s role as an employment center will enhance the City’s leadership role in North America, increase utilization of the regional transit systems, and support the City’s fiscal health” ( San Jose 2011). 


  •  “Through multiple General Plan updates, San José has identified improvement of the City’s jobs/housing balance or Jobs/Employed Residents Ratio (J/ER) as a critical objective to address multiple City goals” ( San Jose 2011). 


Thriving Community


  • “IE-1.1 To retain land capacity for employment uses in San José, protect and improve the quantity and quality of all lands designated exclusively for industrial uses, especially those that are vulnerable to conversion to non-employment uses”( San Jose 2011). 


  • “IE-1.2 Plan for the retention and expansion of a strategic mix of employment activities at appropriate locations throughout the City to support a balanced economic base, including industrial suppliers and services, commercial/retail support services, clean technologies, life sciences, as well as high technology manufacturers and other related industries”( San Jose 2011). 


  • “ IE-1.3 As part of the intensification of commercial, Village, Industrial Park and Employment Center job Growth Areas, create complete, mixed-employment areas that include business support uses, public and private amenities, child care, restaurants and retail goods and services that serve employees of these businesses and nearby businesses” ( San Jose 2011). 


  • “IE-1.8 Measure and report the number of jobs created in identified Growth Areas during the City Council’s periodic review of this General Plan”( San Jose 2011). 


  • “IE-1.9 Invest in strategic infrastructure improvements, as appropriate, in order to encourage private investment, reduce new construction costs, increase business efficiency, and in order to support business retention and growth, stimulate economic activity, and employ people” ( San Jose 2011). 


  • “IE-1.13 Achieve goals related to Quality Neighborhoods, including diverse housing options, a walkable/bikeable public street and trail network and compact, mixed use development where infrastructure exists to distinguish San José as a livable and attractive city, to promote interaction among community members, and to attract talented workers to the City” ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-2.5 Provide business assistance and support to facilitate job creation, develop new businesses, spur private investment, and promote industry growth ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-2.7 Encourage business and property development that will provide jobs and generate revenue to support city services and infrastructure ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-2.9 Partner with public, private, and non-profit organizations, and continue to develop partnerships with San José State University, community colleges and other educational institutions, to advance economic development goals, meet the needs of businesses, and resolve constraints to business operations at the local, state, and federal levels ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-2.10 Evaluate and refine existing goals for economic development projects that receive City and/or Redevelopment funding to maintain a positive return on investment for the City ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-5.1 Further Goals, Policies, and Actions that support the Vibrant Arts and Culture Vision Element, as well as those for Parks, Trails, Open Space, and Recreation to enhance San José’s identity regionally, nationally, and internationally; to serve residents; and to attract workers and visitors( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-5.2 Promote San José as a great bicycling community, highlighting its weather, topography, and fitness-oriented culture as significant assets for biking in order to attract businesses which support or can benefit from bicycling activity( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-5.3 Support private efforts to achieve a stronger mix of evening and late-night uses in Downtown that promote a vibrant, 24-hour City center to generate jobs, increase revenues and attract visitors and workers to San José ( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-6.2 Attract and retain a diverse mix of businesses and industries that can provide jobs for the residents of all skill and education levels to support a thriving community. IE-6.3 Attract job opportunities accessible to all of San José’s residents, particularly residents in low-income neighborhoods( San Jose 2011). 


  • IE-6.4 Partner with educational, civic, labor, and business institutions to provide job training programs that meet the needs of business and industry, including programs that enable the unemployed, under-employed, or economically or socially disadvantaged to enter or move up in the labor force. Connect local businesses with such programs, organizations, or educational institutions ( San Jose 2011). 


  • AC-1.1 Continue to support Downtown entertainment, arts and cultural activities and pursue opportunities to enhance or expand offerings there. 


  • AC-1.4 Working in collaboration with nonprofits and private businesses, develop and maintain a cultural destination strategy that encourages economic growth, the growth and health of the City’s cultural organizations, and promotes a positive image of San José.


  • FS-5.2 Carefully consider the fiscal implications of land use decisions that result in service expansions to avoid significant negative fiscal impacts unless necessary to achieve other critical City objectives. Support the development of compact communities that reduce the demand for service expansions, facilitate more efficient service delivery and generate greater revenue per acre relative to cost for the City

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