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The realization of what is and what can lie ahead for Ramona leads to more concrete steps in formulating economic development projects. The strategic action plan was divided into nine strategic issues and twenty-six initiatives with corresponding actions (see Section 5). 

A summary of these issues and initiatives is presented below. 


• Strategic Issue #1: Foster Community Collaboration. 

A. Build Consensus Amongst Participating Organizations. 

B. Develop an Organizational Framework for Implementation. 

C. Establish a Leadership Ramona Program. 

• Strategic Issue #2: Enhance Community Identity. 

A. Maintain Rural Character through Managed Growth. 

B. Establish Community Gateways. 

C. Establish Nodes of Community Activity. 

D. Establish Nodes of Economic Activity. 

E. Community Beautification. 

F. Expand Trail System for Equestrian, Bicycle and Pedestrian Uses. 


• Strategic Issue #3: Support and Expand Community Services and Events. 

A. Investigate Opportunity for 24-hour Emergency Medical Services in Ramona.

B. Expand the Ramona library. 

C. Support. and Expand Community Events.

 D. Expand recreational and community park facilities. 


• Strategic Issue #4: Support Local Business. 

A. Provide Support to Local Businesses. 

B. Implement a Business Retention Program. 


• Strategic Issue #5: Expand and Diversify Economic Base. 

A. Expand Inventory of Developable Industrial/ Commercial Land. 

B. Integrate Ramona into Regional Business Attraction and Expansion Efforts. 

C. Provide Infrastructure to Proposed Industrial/Commercial Sites. 

D. Expand Recreational and Tourism Business Opportunities in Ramona. 


• Strategic Issue #6: Transportation and Infrastructure. 

A. Improve Automobile and Pedestrian Circulation in Ramona. 

B. Improve High-Speed Telecommunication Services in Ramona. 

C. Provide Infrastructure to Proposed Industrial/Commercial Sites. 


• Strategic Issue #7: Government Regulations. 

A. Simplify Permitting Process. 

B. Update County Ordinance to Encourage and Support Home Based Businesses. 


▪ Strategic Issue #8: Workforce Preparedness. 

A. Prepare Ramona Residents for Current and Future Jobs. 


• Strategic Issue #9: Employee Housing. 

A. Maintain a Suitable Stock of Employee Housing. 

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