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Public Private Partnership


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Pend Oreille County, WA

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Public-private partnerships

involve collaboration between a

government agency and

(one or more) private-sector companies

that can be used to finance, build, and

operate projects, such as; governmental

services that are understaffed, public

transportation networks, parks, and

large developments. Financing a

project through a public-private

partnership can allow a project to be

completed sooner or make it a

possibility in the first place.


Partnerships between private companies

and government entities provide

advantages to both parties.

Private-sector technology and innovation, for example, can help provide better public services through improved operational efficiency. The public sector, for its part, provides incentives for the private sector to deliver projects on time and within budget.


Recommended Policies

  1. Invest in strategic infrastructure improvements, as appropriate, in order to encourage private investment, reduce new construction costs, increase business efficiency, and in order to support business retention and growth, stimulate economic activity, and employ people

  2. Work with property and business owners to identify prospective partners and flexible sites to host events that will draw visitors and energize the Historic Districts of Lewiston and Weaverville and the Hayfork town center. Sites may include: 

    1. Private surface parking lots 

    2. County-owned surface parking lots 

    3. Temporary street closures

  3. Create long-term public/private partnerships to lead the process of physical change.

  4. Expand the Planning Department’s use of PPP’s to improve capacity and speed up the development review process

  5. Whenever possible, cooperate and collaborate with efforts of other public, private and/or non-profit organizations to foster economic development opportunities within Trinity County

  6. Consider creating a countywide coalition similar to an Industrial or Economic Development Commission to identify, promote, and invest in infrastructure for industrial/commercial sites and buildings.

  7. Ensure any PPP contracts are balanced and fair for both private and public entities

  8. Ensure any PPP contracts have clauses for working out conflicts, such as;

    1. a commitment to a strong partnership beyond the terms of the contract; 

    2. built-in mechanisms to share perspectives about the project (especially problems and concerns); and 

    3. effective ways to rebound from failures to deliver

  9. Expand existing PPPs, such as the Watershed Center, Resource Conservation District

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