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Economic Development Element

The issues that need to be tackled within the City of Poway Economic Development Strategic Plan include: 

“1. Limited availability of land ‐ Few parcels of land are currently zoned and/or available for development creating challenges in meeting prospect site needs in a largely “built out” community and creating cost issues for parcel assemblage. 


2. Rising cost and need conserve resources such as water, power, and natural gas. 


3. Few incentives are available to assist businesses wishing to locate in or expand within the City but are faced with the challenges listed above. 


4. Other issues to be identified by the selected respondent through their market research related to the Economic Development Strategic Plan.” (City of Poway)


Poway is a safe community and an ideal spot to raise a family. Additionally, it is close to both San Diego State, UCSD, USD, and CSU San Marcos. Affordable housing is one of the main focuses within Poway. In regards to job availability, Poway has multiple areas of business, including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and transportation. There is a large business park within Poway, which according to the Strategic Plan, is responsible for the employment of 17,000 people. The city features a large autopark which is the dominant contributor to the city’s tax revenue, as well as multiple sports centers. In addition, there are many trails around Poway which include but are not limited to running, biking, horseback riding, etc.. 


The Economic Development document for Poway outlines the requirements for economic development proposals. 


“1. A Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis relevant to key industries and business districts (i.e. the Poway Business Park, Poway Road, Old Poway Park, Poway Road of Cars, and the Pomerado Medical Center). 


2. Market research and analysis of economically sustainable industries, businesses, and activities with the greatest potential for enhancing the City’s revenue; attracting visitors and providing space for socializing, shopping, and dining; strengthening and diversifying the City’s current economic make-up; and, creating good paying jobs. 


3. Strategies to attract those industries and businesses to the City, and for establishing the 

identified activities. The strategies should include goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART)” (City of Poway) 

City of Poway: Poway Road Corridor Specific Plan (12/2017)


Implementation Action Plan


“Poway Road Corridor (page 71) To drive economic vitality and provide ground floor space permanently reserved for neighborhood restaurants/cafes, and retail/flex space with outdoor dining is encouraged within the Poway Road Corridor.” 


(page 188) “The implementation strategies address these overarching economic development objectives: 

1. Expand employment opportunities through increased concentration of local retail, restaurant, and office spaces. 

2. Prioritize land use improvements based on economic analysis, and focus efforts to capitalize on market opportunities.

3. Facilitate new development and the expansion of existing successful businesses. 

4. Increase housing opportunities in proximity to shopping and services. 

5. Take advantage of vacant and underutilized sites to expand mixed-use development. 

6. Ensure developers build flexible commercial spaces able to respond to variations in the market over time. 

7. Intensify concentration of public improvements to catalyze private investment within the Specific Plan area. 

8. Create long-term public/private partnerships to lead the process of physical change. 

9. Proactively attract and retain new businesses, jobs, and investment. 

10. Establish financing mechanisms to implement public improvements.”



11. Business Improvement District (BID). Form a Poway Road Specific Plan Business Improvement District as a means to support local business efforts to invest in landscaping improvements, create new gateway signage, and implement streetscape improvements. 

12. Assessment Districts. Consider forming assessment districts to help fund public improvements. In addition to Property and Business Improvement Districts (s), potential districts could include Community Facilities Districts (s), Landscape and Lighting District(s), Maintenance Assessment District(s), and Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District(s). 

13. Positive Business Climate Marketing. Work closely with the Poway Chamber of Commerce to aggressively market the Poway Road Corridor's location and supportive regulatory climate for users in a variety of industries such as specialty retail, food services, office, auto dealerships, and innovative start-up businesses. 



Specific Actions 

14. Flexible Business Operations and Regulations. Implement flexible administrative procedures and use regulations that allow businesses in the Poway Road corridor to make operational changes with minimal discretionary City approval, recognizing that business operations need to adapt to market conditions and changes in technology. 

15. Special Events/Programming. Work with property and business owners to identify prospective partners and flexible sites to host events that will draw visitors and energize Poway Road. Sites may include: 

• Private surface parking lots 

• City-owned surface parking lots 

• Temporary street closures 

16. Establish Ongoing Funding Mechanisms. Include any operations- and maintenance-related financing actions in conditions of approval or Development Agreement terms for new development projects, as applicable.

17. Partnerships. Establish an environment of collaboration and partnerships among the City, other public agencies, key stakeholders, and the community to help ensure the implementation of this Specific Plan. 

18. Acquire Grant Funding. Research and apply for federal, state, and regional grant funding programs that offer funding improvements required in the Poway Road corridor. 

19. Design Guideline Actions. Implement the design guidelines for private development to Development Services provide a framework for building and site design to accomplish the vision of the Specific Plan

20. Activate Pedestrian Zone. Activate the pedestrian zone along ground-floor frontages of Development Services development within the Town Center or Mixed Use district by requiring usable setback areas for landscaping, private open space, and/or outdoor dining.

21. Catalytic Sites. Prioritize catalytic site development to encourage investment along the Department; General Fund; Poway Road Corridor. Utilize photo simulations to assist private developers in their 1 to 5 Years preliminary designs.

22. Curb Cut Reductions. Work with property owners regarding reciprocal access drives to Department; link adjacent properties and avoid individual curb cuts for every use/parking lot.

23. Facade Enhancement Program. The City will consider a program to provide design and Development Services architecture assistance for property owners who choose to make substantial facade, landscape, lighting, and/or hardscape improvements.

25. Street Furniture. Provide street furniture at regular intervals along Poway Road as outlined in Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines. 

26. Street Lighting. Install roadway and pedestrian lighting along the entire Poway Road corridor as described in Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines. 

27. Gateway Improvements. Install prominent gateway features and elements to highlight the entry to the Poway Road corridor at Community Road/Poway Road and Pomerado Road/Poway Road as outlined in Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines and Chapter 6 Mobility. 

28. Signage and Wayfinding Program. Develop and implement a signage and wayfinding program that is easily understood and provides information on civic uses, parking, and other destinations along the Poway Road Corridor according to Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines. 

29. Utility Box Beautification. Allow for the improvement of utility boxes through artistic treatment consistent with Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines. Implement administrative procedure or process to implement the program. 

30. Plazas and Open Space. Construct plazas in partnership with private developers. Implement streetscape improvements along Poway Road to connect pedestrians to existing open space, Poway Community Park, Hilleary Park, and the Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center. 

31. Improve Landscaping on Poway Road. Implement landscape streetscape improvements along Poway Road that include street trees planted in regular intervals, median tree planting, and planter strips. 

32. Green Infrastructure. Install green infrastructure improvements along Poway Road as outlined in Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines.  

33. Town Center Internal Street. Develop and implement an internal street between Civic Center Drive and Carriage Heights Way in conjunction with the private development of catalytic sites as outlined in Chapter 5: Public Space Design Guidelines and Chapter 6: Mobility. 

34. Signal Optimization and Synchronization. Implement signal timing optimization and synchronization at all signalized intersections along Poway Road. 

35. New and Improved Crosswalks. Install crosswalk enhancements at all existing and proposed crosswalks that include highly visible (continental) crosswalk marking, countdown pedestrian signal heads, and ADA compliant facilities. 

36. Narrow Vehicle Lane Widths on Poway Road. Reduce vehicle lane widths on Poway Road to 11 feet to allow for the installation of Class IV bicycle lanes in both directions. 

37. Intelligent Transportation Systems. Implement intelligent transportation systems improvements to Poway Road as outlined in Chapter 6: Mobility. 

38. Community Road and Poway Road Improvements. Remove the free right-turn lane located on Community Road for vehicular traffic traveling north. Install gateway treatments that include interlocking concrete pavers, painted continental 12 inch-white lines, landscaping, and gateway and wayfinding signage.

39. Pomerado Road and Poway Road Improvements Install gateway treatments that include interlocking concrete pavers, painted continental 12 inch-white lines, landscaping, and gateway and wayfinding signage. 

40. Midblock Crossing between Bowron Road and Community Road. Install a signalized pedestrian crosswalk between Bowron Road and Community Road. 

41. Class IV Cycle Track. Install an 8-foot-wide Class IV cycle track on both sides of Poway Road within the Specific Plan area.

42. Monitor Transit Ridership. Partner with MTS and SANDAG to monitor transit needs along the Poway Road Corridor. Prioritize improvements to bus stations and routes based on demand, as needed. 

43. Multimodal Trail Connection between Hilleary Park and Community Park. Expand access and connectivity between Community Park and Hilleary Park by planning and installing a multimodal trail, directional signage, and enhanced crosswalk. 


Community Development 

Poway Road Specific Plan (page 198)

8. Community Benefits. Strategically negotiate for projects to provide highly desirable community benefits in the Town Center and Mixed Use districts. Incentivize community benefits through the provision of increased development potential (residential density and height) as outlined in Chapter 3: Land Use Regulations and Development Standards. Community benefits include:  

-Affordable Housing Bonus. Twenty percent more affordable housing in addition to the provisions of PMC Section 17.26.640 Specified density bonus percentages shall apply.  -Public Open Space. Public open space in conjunction with mixed-use development enlivens commercial centers, adds visual interest, and provides space for daily events and activities.  

-Internal Pedestrian Passageways. Enhances accessibility and convenience between private development and public amenities with new paseos, passageways, walkways, trails, and alleys.  

-Community Benefits Fund. Public funds to implement desired community improvements.  

-Neighborhood Restaurant Row. Drives economic vitality and activates ground-floor space with neighborhood restaurants, cafes, and outdoor seating.  

-Enhance Transportation Demand. Implement transportation demand management strategies in conjunction with mixed-use development.

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