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Placemaking helps create active public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well-being. Ultimately, communities that implement active placemaking activities, tend to have stronger local economies. When people are happy and comfortable, they tend to spend more money on local businesses and attractions.


Introducing placemaking into the downtown areas of Weaverville, Hayfork and Lewiston (among others) can strengthen the connection between people (Residents, out of town workforce and tourists) and the local community's assets.



Recommended Policies

  1. Further Goals, Policies, and Actions that support the Vibrant Arts and Culture Vision Element, as well as those for Parks, Trails, Open Space, and Recreation to enhance Trinity County’s identity regionally, nationally, and internationally; to serve residents; and to attract workers and visitors

  2. Prioritize the pedestrian environment by Activating the pedestrian zone along ground-floor frontages

    1. Provide locations for public art, including sculptures, murals

    2. Develop a Facade Improvement Program

    3. Install human scale roadway and pedestrian lighting

    4. Provide street furniture at regular intervals along Weaverville, Lewiston and Hayfork main streets

    5. Enhance and prioritize public landscaping, private open space, and/or outdoor dining.

    6. Utility Box Beautification. Allow for the improvement of utility boxes through artistic treatment Poway

    7. Create a uniform wayfinding (Signs) system

    8. Implement Traffic Calming measures into high traffic areas where there is a concentration of pedestrian activities. For example, install brick sidewalks into the Historic district in Weaverville to alert drivers of pedestrian activity. Not sure how this policy will be received by CalTrans, since their snow plows need to keep the roads clear of snow and ice in the winter period.

  3. Provide opportunities for private use of public spaces

    1. Implement a program to streamline the permitting of street vendors, parklets, sidewalk product displays

    2. Expand Farmers’ Market and festival activities, and include areas in the public space. 

  4. Use Cluster Mapping to show opportunity sites in Trinity County that could be 

    1. redeveloped into active pedestrian zones

    2. Used for public art

  5. Allow flexible parking requirements and arrangements within neighborhood activity centers to minimize the impact of the automobiles and foster a pedestrian oriented streetscape 

  6. Develop and fund a facade improvement plan to enhance the storefront of retailers and limit blight.

  7. Provide second stories on commercial buildings to provide for other uses and encourage residential use

    1. activates ground-floor space with neighborhood restaurants, cafes, and outdoor seating

    2.  Identify and expand funding sources and incentives for housing development, Examples include:

      1. Housing Tax Credit

      2. Housing Tax Credit with Bonds

      3. Nonprofit housing financing for developers of nonprofit 501(c)(3) housing

      4. 80/20 housing bonds provides developers with access to bond financing 

  8. create and support opportunities to promote and market agricultural products grown or processed within the County (such as a Farmers’ Market)

  9. Develop active uses of parking spaces along business corridors, including conversion to parklets or other streetscape related-improvements

    1. Any parking spaces removed as a result of streetscape-related improvements should be replaced in appropriate locations and lots in the surrounding vicinity

    2. Direct parking lots be located behind the buildings; 

    3. Allow flexible parking requirements and arrangements within neighborhood activity centers to minimize the impact of the automobile and foster a pedestrian oriented streetscape

  10. Connect the Weaverville Basin Trail System with Community Centers 

    1. Encourage businesses located within the Community Centers to install bike parking

    2. Encourage Trail based businesses

      1. Mobile Bicycle repair 

      2. Coffee Shops and Cafes

      3. Breweries

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