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Mixed Use Development 





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Pend Oreille County, WA

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Mixed-use development is multiple functions within the same building or the same general area. While mixed-use can take on many forms, it’s typically categorized as having retail on the first floor and professional offices or residential on the upper floors. Mixed use also includes a mix of uses within one block. By bringing together complementary uses within close proximity, an economic gain can be made to all businesses as professional offices and residential near retail creates more opportunity for cross-shopping.


Most of the historic district of Weaverville is designed as mixed-use with retail space and professional offices within the same block. Future development in the area that brings more residential near the existing businesses, through infill development (replacement/remodel) at sites like 600 Main Street (the Green Building) in Weaverville or 4650 Trinity Dam Blvd. in Lewiston, could help increase the pedestrian and economic activity of the area.


Anchor tenets 

Recommended Policies

  1. Identify and zone opportunity sites for infill and mixed use development within community centers

  2. Support private efforts to achieve a stronger mix of evening and late-night uses in community centers that promote a vibrant, active evening center to generate jobs, increase revenues and attract visitors and workers to all areas of the County.

  3. Achieve a balance of land uses to provide for a range of housing, jobs, libraries, and educational and recreational facilities that allow residents to live, work, shop, learn, and play in the community.

  4. Incentivise mixed use projects within the community centers

 Opportunity Sites in Trinity County

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Mixed Use opps 2.png
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