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Mendocino County



Business Services

Economic development strategy


The original report indicated faster growth than the rest of the region’s economy in the following six clusters:

 • Diversified Health Care

 • Building and Systems Construction and Maintenance 

• Specialty Agriculture, Food, and Beverages 

• Investment Support Services

 • Management and Innovation Services

 • Niche Manufacturing 



Goals relating to sustainability:

Increase networks among local businesses in order to develop and expand the local markets • 

Support local industry cluster development

 • Increase local food production: 

-To Rebuild the local food system 

- Provide business training and technical assistance to food entrepreneurs (including farmers) in order to build capacity in the local food community 

- Develop a local marketing and distribution system to increase access to locally produced food products o Farmer development at three existing local high school farms 

-Assist small farmers in sustainable practices to Promote aquaponics projects to raise and sell fish locally


Goals relating to Travel and Tourism:

• Increase the average length of stay and overnight visitor spending per day 

- Facilitate navigation within the county for both visitors and residents through improved way finding and signage 

- Enhance visitor center services and hours of operation 

- Support the continued development of organizations and institutions that support the arts and provide activities and events for visitors to Mendocino County 

- Provide business technical assistance and training to art and tourism businesses to build capacity from within 

- Support the preservation of historic resources to Improve customer satisfaction through the establishment of a hospitality training program for businesses throughout the county 

- Increase the number of people who travel to Mendocino County to Support a unified marketing message for the county to Focus marketing efforts on the county’s defined target areas:  San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Valley 

- Seek new opportunities through outreach to niche markets 


Goals pertaining to Infrastructure

 The relatively small population of Mendocino County, combined with the vast, geographically disparate area, has historically made the county-wide development and . County of Mendocino 2010 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 31 subsequent maintenance of basic infrastructure extremely difficult. Deferred maintenance continues to accumulate, and public infrastructure built quickly at the end of World War II is now in need of upgrading. With regard to our lack of water, many areas of the county have been restricted from allowing new water connections due to concerns about the availability of supply for existing users. In 2009, mandatory water rationing in many areas of the Ukiah Valley provides a particular highlight on the urgency of our need for solutions to our lack of available water. Access to broadband internet access is becoming tightly woven into the fabric of what many businesses consider a requirement; our current lack of this service in many areas of the county is making it progressively more difficult to attract or retain business in many of our communities.


Goals pertaining to Broadband:

Expand the availability of and access to broadband internet service throughout the county  -Increase public awareness regarding the community’s lack of internet access 

- Provide countywide project coordination and public outreach 

- Identify feasible solutions for broadband adoption 

-Work with major telecommunications companies on their expansion plans 

- Find possible funding sources to help share build-out cost with Telecommunications companies - Work with local interest groups to come up with feasible plans/technology for un-served/underserved communities 

-Support local initiatives 

- Provide letter of support for grant applicants 


Goals pertaining to transportation:


• Increase the number and value of local roadway projects

o Implement roadway circulation improvements and emergency access projects

o For our communities with “Main Street” as a State Highway, participate in

working with Caltrans to balance the needs of the local population with

regional traffic

• Work to restore regular, regional, rail service for both freight and passengers

• Support the construction, maintenance, improvement, and utilization of infrastructure

for alternative means of transportation

o Bike lanes, walking trails, sidewalks

o Harbors

o Airports

o Railways


Goals pertaining to workforce training:

• Increase training 



Incumbent workers 

 Opportunities for temporary employment 

Paid and unpaid work experience/internships for youth 

- Work to develop a vocational school to provide training (construction, etc.) 

- Increase sustainable wage occupations 

- Recognize the value of entrepreneurship and self-employment; implement and support programs to develop these sectors 

- Promote the benefits of telecommuting 

- Increase career pathways, and expand partnership opportunities between /among: o ROP programs 

- Community colleges 


Goals pertaining to healthcare:

 Pursue trauma designation for local hospital to increase regional referral 

- Increase the availability of and access to all wellness and healthcare opportunities 

- Primary care 

- Specialist care 

-Dental care 

- Mental health care 

- Native American Tribal health 

- Veteran’s care o Complimentary (alternative) care 

- Prevention •

(Support a consistent message regarding the quality of local care)

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