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Historic Preservation






Adams County, WA


San Jose

San Francisco





Historic preservation has,

by consensus, tradition and law,

been considered by the majority of American voters and public officials as a legitimate function of government. Historic preservation has become a fundamental tool for strengthening American communities. It has proven to be an effective tool for a wide range of public goals including small business incubation, affordable housing, sustainable development, neighborhood stabilization, center city revitalization, job creation, promotion of the arts and culture, small town renewal, heritage tourism, economic development, and others.


Recommended Policies

  1. Maintain the historic character of the Lewiston and Weaverville historic districts

  2. Enact an ordinance restricting the development of strip shopping centers as being inconsistent with the historic character

  3. To foster civic and neighborhood pride and a sense of identity based on community character and the recognition and use of historical resources

  4. To protect and enhance the City's attraction to tourists and visitors (thereby stimulating business and industry);

  5. Ensure all of the Architectural guidelines are followed in the Weaverville and Lewiston Historic Districts

  6. Develop a long-term economic plan for the continued maintenance and preservation of historic resources in the Weaverville and Lewiston Historic Districts

  7. Ensure historic resources are properly funded

    1. Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit

    2. state tax credits for historic preservation

  8. Develop a library of digital records outlining the story of the historic resource.

    1. Use digital records in a shared marketing 

    2. Develop digital resources to help advertise Tourist destinations

Historic Preservation in Trinity County
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