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Hayward is a mid-sized, culturally diverse community that is centrally located within the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is located in Alameda County, approximately 14 miles south of Downtown Oakland, 20 miles southeast of Downtown San Francisco, and 25 miles north of Downtown San Jose. In 2012, Hayward had a population of over 147,000. The City of Hayward has a very diverse population where no single race or ethnicity is in the majority. According to the 2010 census, the largest ethnic group in Hayward is Hispanic or Latino, which represents over 40.0 percent of the population. 


The City of Hayward is recognized as the most desirable and business-friendly place in the East Bay in which to locate and conduct business. 


General Plan: Economic Development- Section 3

Economic strategic plan


Goal 1 A Diversified and Robust Economy

-Regional Economic Diversification (The City shall coordinate with other cities, counties, businesses, labor organizations, and other economic development and research organizations to help diversify and expand the economic base of the greater East Bay)


-ED-1.3 Commercial and Industrial Development 

-The City shall encourage commercial and industrial development by ensuring the availability of suitable sites for development and providing appropriate zoning


ED-1.4 Emerging and Growing Business Sectors:

The City shall establish business attraction efforts that focus on small and medium-sized businesses 


ED-1.5 Knowledge- and Innovation-Based Industry Clusters:

The City shall encourage the establishment and expansion of knowledge- and innovation-based industry clusters to increase the number of professional, scientific, and technical service jobs within the local economy, and to attract venture capital funding to Hayward


ED-1.6 Advanced and Specialized Manufacturing:

The City shall encourage the establishment and expansion of advanced and specialized manufacturing businesses to counter declining employment trends in traditional industrial manufacturing. 


ED-1.7 Clean and Green Industry Cluster

 The City shall encourage the establishment of a clean and green technology cluster to create a more sustainable industrial base.


ED-1.8 International Business and Trade 

The City shall develop relationships, partnerships, and programs to promote international business and trade opportunities in Hayward. 


ED-1.15 Industrial Technology and Innovation Corridor

 The City shall protect the viability of the Industrial Technology and Innovation Corridor as its main employment base by discouraging the intrusion of uses that would erode the integrity of the corridor and maintaining zoning for manufacturing; professional, scientific, and technical services; research and development; and supporting uses. 


Goal 2 Local Entrepreneurship (Cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship to encourage and support local business startups)


ED-2.1 Assist Entrepreneurs

The City shall support and assist local entrepreneurs who are starting businesses within the Hayward community.


ED-2.2 Entrepreneur Services and Resources 

The City shall coordinate with organizations that provide free or affordable services and resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses (such as East Bay SCORE, the Alameda County Small Business Development Center, and the US Small


ED-2.8 Home-Based Businesses

 The City shall encourage the formation and operation of home-based businesses that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. 


Goal 3 Business Expansion and Retention:


ED-3.1 BEAR Program

 The City shall develop, maintain, and implement a Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) program that that helps businesses stay, grow, and become more committed to the Hayward community.  The City shall primarily focus its BEAR efforts on small businesses with high growth potential and other local companies that have a demonstrated commitment to the Hayward community. 


ED-3.2 Fast Growing Industries

 The City shall monitor industry and market trends to identify fast-growing industries, and coordinate with local businesses within those industries to proactively assist with potential business expansion plans. 


ED-3.6 Business Advisory Groups

 The City shall coordinate with local business organizations and college business programs to create retail, restaurant, and business advisory groups (groups of trained volunteers that visit stores, restaurants, and businesses to provide constructive advice to business owners).


GOAL #4:Develop a robust college-town economy through “town-gown” and “communiversity” partnerships.


ED-4.1 :Town Gown and Communiversity Partnerships

The City shall collaborate with local colleges to develop strategic “town gown” or “communiversity” partnerships that enhance the Hayward community and economy, improve the overall educational experience of college students, and assimilate college students and graduates into the Hayward community. 



ED-4.2 Expanding Higher Education The City shall encourage the expansion of local colleges, trade schools, and technical training institutes to increase local employment opportunities within the education sector and increase the number of students in Hayward.

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