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General Plan 2030


Town Center Element: 


“The Town Center Element contains strategies and policies that provide specific guidance to enhance the sense of place and the quality of life in the downtown area while promoting the economic base of the Town” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Goal TC-1: Develop a vision for the Town Center area of Fairfax” (Fairfax 2010).


  •  “Goal TC-2: Maintain and enhance the historic character of the Town Center area”(Fairfax 2010).


  •  “Goal TC-3: Define and implement a plan for the Town Center area” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Goal TC-4: Actively seek out and review all available funding sources that might be used to implement the Town Center Element improvement program” (Fairfax 2010).



  • “Policy TC-1.1.1:The Planning Commission should define the village character and the pedestrian scale of the downtown area of Fairfax” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-1.1.2:The Council should enact an ordinance restricting the development of strip shopping centers as being inconsistent with the village character” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-2.1.1: New and/or renewed development in the Town Center Planning Area should be compatible with the architectural character of the downtown in terms of height, design treatment, colors, textures, and materials. Future buildings constructed in the downtown area shall be within the vertical form of the existing buildings that they might replace” (Fairfax 2010). 


  • “Policy TC-2.1.2: Building heights for new and/or renewed development shall be appropriate for two-story buildings with architectural details compatible with the village character of the Town Center Planning Area. Building height to allow for a residential level above a commercial space with a high first-floor ceiling” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-2.1.3: New and/or renewed development shall be compatible with the existing scale and character of the Town Center Planning Area. A Significant Buildings and Structures Plan should be created by staff. This plan should inventory and establish policies for preservation of significant structures in the Town Center” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-3.1.1: Mixed-use development is allowed in the Town Center Planning Area under Central Commercial zoning. The Town Center Plan, when created, shall be consistent with this zoning” (Fairfax 2010). 


  • “Policy TC-3.1.2: New and/or renewed development in the Town Center Planning Area, as defined in the Town Center Plan when developed, shall be consistent with the Development Standards and Design Guidelines” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-3.2.1: Bicycle- and pedestrian-oriented development should be encouraged in the Town Center Planning Area”  (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-3.2.4: Shopping in the Town Center Planning Area should be made more

attractive by creating safe and pleasant pedestrian routes, managing the parking

supply for both cars and bicycles more efficiently, and developing and maintaining

an attractive well-designed streetscape that encompasses landscaping and pedestrian amenities”  (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-3.2.6: Any parking spaces removed as a result of streetscape-related improvements should be replaced in appropriate locations and lots in the surrounding vicinity” (Fairfax 2010).


  • “Policy TC-3.2.7: Provide non-vehicular connections to residential neighborhoods where possible” (Fairfax 2010). 


  • “Policy TC-3.2.8: Promote locally-owned businesses” (Fairfax 2010).  


  • “Policy TC-3.2.9: Provide locations for public art” (Fairfax 2010). 


  • “Policy TC-3.2.12: Recommendation of native plants and the use of drought-tolerant landscaping” (Fairfax 2010).

  • “Policy TC-3.2.16: Consider creating a bicycle staging area including structure for bathrooms, showers and lockers, possibly in partnership with local businesses” (Fairfax 2010).

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