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Adams County, WA


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Increasing business advocacy can strengthen the connection between people (Residents, out of town workforce and tourists) and Trinity County. When people know about key County attractions, they tend to spend more money on local businesses, which helps create stronger local economies. 


Industry clusters are defined as concentrations of complementary and interdependent firms across several industries, including suppliers, service providers, and final product manufacturers. They derive their advantage from specialized workforce pools, management expertise, readily available suppliers and support services, economies of scale and scope, ease of communication, and efficiency of transportation. 


Recommended Policies

  1. One of the most important targets of any marketing effort should be the people and businesses already in the county. They have already made an investment in the community, and they represent the region on a daily basis. Making sure that existing residents and local business leaders have a positive image of the area is important to the success of an external campaign.

  2. Identify business types that could leverage Trinity County’s Natural Capital

    1. Elevation/Topography

      1. Running Camps (schools)

      2. Mountain Biking 

      3. Hiking

    2. Water availability

      1. Cooling and production 

      2. Free range cattle and goats

      3. Fishing and Tour Guides

    3. Cheap electricity & Fiber-Optic Internet 

    4.        Advanced Satellite Networks

      1. Bitcoin mining

      2. Server farms

    5. Forest

      1. Woodworking (Furniture)

      2. Sourcing raw materials 

        1. Douglas Fir (2x4s) and 

        2. Oak (furniture)

        3. (low inventory - maple)

          1. regulatory burdens

          2. Spruce

          3. Farm - engelmann spruce (Guitar tops)

        4. Christmas Trees

        5. Madrone, manzanita - bird perches from manzanita branches

      3. Soils and nutrients (Cannabis teas)

    6. Hiking and Biking Trails

      1. Mountain Bike Competition 

  3. Encourage Local Entrepreneurship 

    1. Cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship to encourage and support local business startups

    2. The County shall encourage the formation and operation of home-based businesses that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

    3. Develop and implement a workforce assistance and training program through Public Private Partnerships.

    4. Provide ecommerce training opportunities 

    5. Support and assist local entrepreneurs who are starting businesses within the County

    6. Implement a Business Retention Program

    7. Create marketing campaign to promote the County’s startup businesses.

    8. Support the establishment of a Small Business Mentoring Program.

    9. Coordinate/promote existing Business Support Resources.

    10. Build relationships with new businesses using various social media platforms.

    11. Provide business technical assistance and training to art and tourism businesses to build capacity from within

    12. Remove barriers for small business startups

  4. Expand and promote business types that attract regional tourists

    1. Leverage viticulture assets wherever possible in the county to support and grow the winemaking and wine tourism industries in the county.

    2. Identify competitive advantages in each geographic area of the county. Place priority on opportunities that represent the highest potential short- and long-term return on investment to the community. Form thoughtful initiatives based on recommended target industry clusters

    3. Develop digital resources to help advertise Tourist destinations

  5. Online directory of business to business opportunities

  6. Encourage the establishment and expansion of knowledge- and innovation-based industry clusters to increase the number of professional, scientific, and technical service jobs within the local economy, and to attract venture capital

  7. Develop a comprehensive list of business types that could add to a balanced business mix

    1. Ensure the types of businesses reflect the needs and interests of all residents

  8. Build awareness among decision-makers in target industries. The following steps provide a direct course of action for recruiting companies:

    1. Produce a one-page marketing summary for each target industry. Relevant data has been assembled on each target industry for use in marketing letters and other publications. 

    2. Conduct a direct marketing campaign (direct mail and phone calls followed by visitation). 

    3. Participate in industry trade events. 

    4. Track the success of the target industry campaign using a contact management system. This system should be flexible enough to allow staff to evaluate the effectiveness of each marketing channel (mail-outs, telemarketing, and trade events) and adjust marketing activities accordingly

  9. The County shall encourage development of local food systems; including, 

    1. Processing and other facilities that could support production of “value-added” agriculture products from the County.

  10. Develop a “Come Home to Trinity County” campaign aimed at bringing former residents back to the county, leveraging high school alumni associations

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