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Bend Or.




Goals: “The following goal statements describe the future economic hopes of the community and serve as the foundation for policy statements in this chapter.”


The citizens and elected officials of Bend wish to:

  • have a vital, diverse and sustainable economy, while enhancing the community’s overall livability.  


  • ensure an adequate supply of appropriately zoned land in Bend to provide for a full range of industrial, commercial, and professional development opportunities.  


  • stimulate economic development that will diversify and strengthen economic activity and provide primary and secondary job opportunities for local residents. 


  • strengthen Bend’s position as a regional economic center.  


  • improve the income levels of Bend residents. 


  • create commercial areas in outlying sections of the community as neighborhood centers rather than extending the existing strips along major roads.


  • encourage more small neighborhood commercial developments and convenience commercial centers to reduce vehicle trips and trip lengths.  


Times are changing, in the past the focus was on heavy manufacturing & resource extraction. But over the years, the national, state, and local economies have become less dependent on resource extraction and production for jobs that export goods and bring in money. As a result, the concept of primary jobs has broadened to include such diverse businesses as high technology products and software, tourism, business services (firms that provide services to other businesses), and some regional retail and medical services that serve regional markets. 

  • Seek new firms that provide primary jobs

  • Retain and expand existing businesses that provide primary jobs.

  • Provide adequate sewer, water, transportation systems, and land for economic growth



Local trends 

The Bend area economy will need to continue to adapt and evolve to remain strong and competitive during the first two decades of the next century. Local trends for the next several years include: 

  • the industrial sector, a major source of primary jobs, will continue to become more diverse as new medium and small manufacturing firms locate in Bend;  


  • a need for large industrial parcels to support expanding or new industries;  


  • as Bend grows it will continue to attract interest from more national or regional restaurants chains, motels, and large retailers; 


  • an expanding mix of large retail stores and specialty shops will solidify the urban area as the regional trade center;  


  • the services and retail sectors will continue to be a significant source of jobs;  


  • Bend’s climate and natural beauty also will draw in businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to relocate from other areas;


  • the relatively large percentage of middle-aged and young persons in the area will provide a solid work force base for new or expanding businesses; and 


  • The exceptional increase in new jobs in the 1990s in Bend is expected to slow to more normal levels over the long term.


Economic Lands Study 1999-2000 : “Because of concerns about the rapid pace of growth, the price of land in Bend, and other factors, the Council felt that an additional, detailed evaluation of industrial and commercial land was needed”

  • The land absorption rates are considered to be a more accurate method of forecasting land needs than job numbers based on population or jobs-perhousing ratios



Relevant policies from Bend that could apply to Trinity:

  • The city shall work to preserve prime industrial lands for industrial purposes.


  •  The community shall attempt to diversify its industrial base


  •  Existing industrial operations are encouraged to improve waste discharge levels and improve air quality conditions.


  • Industrial areas shall be protected from incompatible commercial and residential uses.


  • Wherever industrial uses about residential uses or residential zoning, special development standards relating to setbacks, screening, signs, and building height shall be established.


  • Community efforts should be directed toward improving the general appearance of industrial areas so that they make a positive contribution to the environment of the community.

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