Infill Development [ID] Strategy: 

-Strategy ID – A The City shall work with the private sector to identify, market, and develop key vacant and/or underutilized properties within the urban services boundary. 

-Strategy ID – B Where economic and residential uses can be made compatible, the City shall encourage development projects that feature "smart infill" elements. 


Business Support and Revitalization [BSR] Strategy: 

-Strategy BSR-A The City shall provide assistance to promote a business startup loan and technical assistance fund. 

-Strategy BSR-B The City shall promote public and private loan funds that support retention and expansion of existing businesses. 

-Strategy BSR–C The City shall simplify regulatory, permitting, and design review processes in Arcata, and make the process less burdensome, time-consuming, and uncertain. 

-Strategy BSR–D The City shall expand revitalization projects to priority neighborhoods with blighted commercial and industrial properties beyond the downtown. 

-Strategy BSR–E The City shall explore development of City-owned Aldergrove parcels for condominium-style small business development.


Tourism [T] Strategy: 

-Strategy T-A Work with the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and local businesses to develop and integrate the many aspects of Arcata's tourist related information including signage, gateway design and promotional material or all types. 

-Strategy T- B Assist in the development of a network of Arcata tourism stakeholders through a variety of means including co-sponsoring of an annual "Tourism Attraction" workshop. 

-Strategy T-C. Assist in the development of expanded or new programs that increase or improve tourism in Arcata. 


Affordable Housing [AH] Strategy: 

-Strategy H – A The City shall implement the Housing Element. 


Redevelopment [R] Strategy: 

-Strategy R – A Provide redevelopment zone tools to key blighted commercial and industrial areas of Arcata that are not currently within the Redevelopment Area. 


Broadband Telecommunications Services [BB] Strategy: 

-Strategy BB – A Facilitate the expansion of broadband and fiber optic telecommunications services throughout the City of Arcata. 


Sustainability Program [SP] Strategy: 

-Strategy SP – A Ensure that economic development occurs in a manner consistent with the Arcata Community Vision contained in the Arcata General Plan: 2020. 

-Strategy SP – B Encourage local organic agriculture and Farmers’ markets. 

-Strategy SP – C Preserve the City’s greenbelt (working agricultural landscapes, natural resource lands) and parklands, and improve the City’s network of trails. 

-Strategy SP – D Encourage energy conservation, generation from renewable sources, and “green” building design. 

-Strategy SP – E Encourage and revitalize neighborhood commercial centers. 

-Strategy SP – F Encourage business enterprises in sectors and occupational categories that pay a living wage. 

-Strategy SP – G Preserve and enhance historically significant districts. 

-Strategy SP – H Develop and maintain sustainability indicators for Arcata. 

-Strategy SP – I Preserve Arcata’s commercially and industrially designated lands. 


Downtown/Uniontown Neighborhood [DU] Strategy: 

-Strategy DU – A Improve automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian flows. 

-Strategy DU – B Improve parking in the Downtown core in and around the Plaza. -Strategy DU – C Expand Farmers’ Market and festival activities, and include areas outside the Plaza. 

-Strategy DU – D Continue to work cooperatively with advocates and others to limit Plaza user conflicts. 

-Strategy DU – E Investigate the feasibility of creating a Business Improvement District. -Strategy DU – F Revitalize the Creamery building complex. 

-Strategy DU – G Provide gateway-style information (maps, signage, wayfinding) for visitors on how to access key natural resource and cultural amenities. 

-Strategy DU – H Encourage mixed-use development in Downtown. 

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