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Adams County, WA




Population: 19,261

Poverty Rate: 23.1%

Median Age: 28.4

Number of Employees: 7,757

Median Household Income: $48,131




Adams County 2012 Comprehensive Plan


GOAL: Adams County, through its comprehensive plan efforts, and by the application of development regulations, should provide for an adequate land supply of suitable sizes, types, locations and service levels for industrial and commercial uses consistent with the community values and goals and policies within this Plan. 


Policy 1: Adams County supports the creation of new jobs that provide livable, family wages for county residents


Policy 2: Adams County should promote multi-jurisdictional cooperation efforts between and among city, county and state departments to facilitate and advance economic development opportunities. 


Policy 3: Whenever possible, cooperate and collaborate with efforts of other public, private and/or non-profit organizations to foster economic development opportunities within Adams County.


Policy 4: Support the cooperative efforts of all area educational institutions to maintain high standards in all areas of educational opportunity.


Policy 5: Pursue local, state, federal and other funding and technical assistance to plan and develop facilities and programs that attract new business.


Policy 6: The Economic Element of this Comprehensive Plan should be expanded to include appropriate technical studies and an Economic Opportunities Analysis to define and analyze community economic patterns and potential strengths and weaknesses relative to state and federal economic trends. Appropriate strategies to offset deficiencies should be adopted.


Policy 7: Coordinate economic development efforts that are consistent with the transportation, land use, and public facilities and utilities elements of this comprehensive plan. 


Policy 8: Encourage compatible land uses in areas designed to attract commercial and/or industrial uses, so as not to deter, delay or increase the cost of attracting new and/or retaining existing commercial and industrial development.


Policy 9: Coordination should be encouraged between local and state agencies to provide quick turn around for development decisions that involve transportation, water supply, and sewage and solid waste disposal.

Policy 10: Streamline the development and permit process to include simplified access to information, application and permitting


*It appears that Adams county lacks any listed actions for these stated policies

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